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CDI are proud to offer their own custom made document management software – FileScan-DMS. This software has been developed with our customers in mind and can be further customised to meet your own unique needs and requirements. This software allows you to manage your own document scanning on site in your own premises. CDI can supply and support your installation of scanning equipment and software.

FileScan-DMS delivers high performance document scanning and data capture making it one of the fastest and most flexible scanning and indexing solutions available. Developed to require fewer manual tasks to complete scanning FileScan-DMS can make your scanning operation and your business more efficient and productive.
Data Capture
Our software allows us to record key information about each of your files to allow quick searches. We will agree 6 text based and 2 number based index points with you and record these for each file allowing you to search for the files you need from the comfort of your desk.
Web Retrieve
With the optional WebRetrieve Module, users have the ability to search, view and print documents from Internet Explorer 6+. This not only provides a user friendly interface but also reduces support and deployment costs.
The Technical Bit
FileScan-DMS uses the powerful Microsoft SQL server database platform, providing the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability for your data. It is ideally suited to network operation, however it can easily be run on a standalone Microsoft XP/Vista workstation with the option of adding additional clients at a later date. Utilising VRS software from Kofax and certified compatibility from leading document scanners, it will allow departments to make piles of paper disappear in the blink of an eye.
Certified compatibility with leading scanners
Unsurpassed bar code recognition
Sophisticated image processing
128 bit encryption
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